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Shangqiu Sihai Energy Technology Co Ltd is a collection of research and development production sales and after sales services which has rich experience in the field of waste management over 20 years Our company covers an area of 37 000 square meters Our company has a huge professional technical team including 2 senior engineers 16 senior technicians 28 mid class technicians and 82 technicians Our main products are divided into two catalogries pyrolysis plant and distillation machine including tires pyrolysis plant tyre pyrolysis plant waste rubber pyrolysis equipment waste plastic recycling machine and other waste management machines and waste oil distillation equipment waste engine motor...

Categories and Products

Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant

10 tons waste tyre recycling plant scrap tire recycling to fuel oil machine Used Car Tire Recycling to Oil Machine waste tire recycling to oil by pyrolysis Waste Tyre to Fuel oil Pyrolysis plant Scrap tire refining to fuel oil machine used tyre cracking to fuel oil plant high oil yield waste tyre recycling plant high efficiency waste tire pyrolysis plant Newly designed waste tire recycling to oil plant hot sale waste tire refining to oil machine engineer available waste tire pyrolysis plant waste tyre disposal and recycling plant waste tire refine to oil machine Waste Tire Pyrolysis Plant With High Oil Yield waste tire processing to fuel oil machine scrap tire pyrolysis plant with high oil yield Engineer Available Tyre Recycling Plant Used Tire Recycling to Crude Oil Plant waste tyre oil refining with free installation 

Waste Rubber Pyrolysis Plant

waste rubber refining to oil plant Waste tire pyrolysis plant Waste Rubber Refining to Fuel Oil by Pyrolysis High oil output waste rubber pyrolysis plant Solid Waste to Renewable Energy By Pyrolysis Process used rubber recycle to fuel oil without pollution Environmental Protective Waste Rubber Recycling to Oil Plant Waste Rubber Refining Machine With 45% Oil Yield 10 tons waste rubber recycling machine Rubber Pyrolysis Plant to Diesel Oil waste rubber oil extraction machine Used Rubber to Fuel Equipment Waste Rubber Thermal Cracking To Oil Machine Placstic\Rubber recycled to fuel oil pyrolysis equipment Used rubber as raw material refining pyrolysis equipment Day handling capacity 8-10tons pyrolytic plant Small pyrolysis machine to fuel oil with 380V Advanced technology pyrolysis plant for waste rubber Most popular waste rubber recycling pyrolysis machine Pollution free waste rubbers pyrolysis plant 

Waste Plastic Pyrolysis Plant

Waste Plastic Oil Recycling With High Oil Yield waste plastic refining to fuel oil machine waste plastic pyrolysis plant with 90% oil yield scrap plastic refining to oil machine used plastic recycling to fuel oil machine Plastic to Oil Conversion Machine for Sale High Quality Waste Plastic Recycling Machine waste plastic to diesel pyrolysis plant 10tons waste plastic to diesel oil refining machine waste plastic recycling to fuel oil machine waste plastics to furnace oil equipment waste plastic to furnace oil equipment Waste Plastic Bags Recycling With 90% Oil Yield waste plastic bottles recycling to diesel oil machinery Waste Plastic Recycling to Oil With High Yield Low Consumption Plastic Recycling to Base Oil Horizontal Rotating Waste Plastic Recycling Plant waste disposal equipment by pyrolysis process waste plastic pyrolysis machine with high oil yield PET Bottle Waste Plastic Recycling Machine 

Waste Oil Distillation Plant

Waste Tire Oil Distillation Plant

Waste Tire Oil Vacuum Distillation Plant Vacuum Waste Tire Oil Refining To Diesel Plant Scrap tire oil circulating to diesel distillation equipment Waste engine oil reused to base oil machine Refine Waste Tire Oil By Distillation Plant Continuously distillation plant for waste oil Capacity 15 tons waste oil distillation plant Tire Oil Recycle distillation plant Waste Tire Oil Vacuum Distillation Plant With CE Tire Oil Distillation to Diesel Equipment Waste Tire Oil Refinery to Diesel Distillation Machine Black Tire Oil Distillation Plant 

Waste Plastic Oil Distillation Plant

waste plastic oil distillation plant with high output Waste plastic reborn to diesel distillation facility Environmental machine for waste tire oil Waste Plastic Oil Distillation Plant Used Plastic Oil Distillation to Diesel Facility Waste Plastic Oil Distillation Plant With CE Distillation Plant to Diesel with Scrap Plastic oil 

Waste Engine Oil Distillation Plant

waste engine oil distillation plant waste engine oil recycling by vacuum distillation plant Waste Engine Oil Purifier used engine oil refining to diesel oil plant waste engine oil purifier by distillation process Vacuum Pressure Waste Engine Oil Purifier 30Tons Capacity Vacuum Engine Distillation System Waste engine oil recycled to diesel distillation plant Waste tire oil purified to diesel distillation plant New Condition Used Engine Purifying Distillation Machine Engine oil refining to base oil distillation equipment Car Engine Oil Refining Distillation Machine Distillation facility for crude oil purified to diesel Car Engine Oil Recycling By Vacuum Distillation Waste Engine Oil To Base Oil By Distillation Waste Engine Oil Purification Distillation Plant 380V Engine Oil Recycling To Base Oil Equipment Waste Engine Oil Regeneration Machine Lubricant Oil Usage Engine Oil Purification Waste Oil To Diesel Making Machine 

Waste Motor Oil Distillation Plant

Waste Motor Oil Distillation Plant Smell-less output from waste oil refining distillation plant Waste motor oil extracting distillation plant 20-30 tons distillation plant for motor oil Large capacity vacuum distillation facility Free installation waste oil distillation plant Automatic Waste Motor Oil Refinery Machine Waste Motor Oil Distillation Plant Used Motor Oil Recycling to Diesel Plant Waste Motor Oil Distilled to Diesel Equipment Waste Motor Oil Distilled to Diesel Machine Crude Oil Distilled by Vacuum to Diesel Plant 

Waste Lube Oil Distillation Plant

Used Lube Oil Refining By Distillation Plant Used lube oil refining base oil distillation equipment Waste lube oil purified distillation machine Lube Oil Recycle distillation plant Waste Lube Oil Refining to Diesel Machine Used Lube Oil Refining to Diesel Machine 

Waste Transformer Oil Distillation Plant

used transformer oil refining distillation machine Waste Transformer Oil Distillation Plant 

Underground Oil Distillation Plant

underground oil refining to diesel oil distllation plant Underground Oil Extraction Distillation Plant 

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